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No audible alert?

Doug 6 years ago 0

Works great but no sound


Create a Telegram bot

when2leave 7 years ago 0

Create a Telegram bot that alerts me via an app I already use.


Switch between Driving vs Public Transit

Jen L 7 years ago 0

I live in a city and can either take Uber or public transit home, both of which can have various traffic/delays that Google knows about. I'd love to be able to input 1 set of to/from addresses and see the driving (Uber) vs public transit timings and set an alert for whichever dips below my desired time first.


A way to refresh the current travel time

oyosefi 7 years ago 0

I can enter origin and destination and get the current vs. average traffic. However, if I want to check the times a little later, I couldn't find a way to do it. As far as I can tell, the times don't refresh automatically either.

Would be great if both were supported


Enter destination by name lookup (based on current location access).

TxPepper 7 years ago 0

Rather than having to do a seperate search for an address...like for a restaurant...and then enter that address....be able to enter a company name, tap to auto-fill or select from a list if multiple locations.


Establish a Fav address list.

TxPepper 7 years ago 0

Save a list of commonly used addresses like Home, Work, Airport, etc.



Jason Love 8 years ago 0

Can you set multiple alerts that run every work day between certain time periods? Eg. Home to work from 8-10am and work to home from 5-7pm mon-fri?


A link to directions

User 8 years ago updated by pankajluthra87 8 years ago 1

This would be great, I have 2 routes I can take and sometimes one is completely backed up and the other is completely clear so it'd be nice to quickly see which way to take.

P.S. this tool is awesome!

pankajluthra87 8 years ago

A few other users have requested this too. It is coming soon! Thanks for being an early adopter :)


Allow dates and approximate times to be entered

Eddie 8 years ago 0

Allow dates and times to be entered or a schedule to be created for certain days of the week.


Be nice to be able to search Points of Interest not just addresses

bb802 8 years ago 0

It would be great if I could also search by Points of Interest (e.g., business name) rather than just by address.