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[Poll]: Which app should we make first?

pankajluthra87 8 years ago updated by luisa martines 3 years ago 13
Window Phone

Android please, what a great idea!

good idea. Good luck with it!


i made a comment and this stupid, moronic site showed my password instead of my username.

I will never use this website again. What MORONS !!! How unsafe is this!!!!!

Under review

Firstly, sorry about that! This is a third party feedback tool that we are using and we have alerted the company UserEcho about this.

The workflow is such that, if you enter a email that they support then the second field is a password field, but if you enter a non supported email address then the password field becomes the Name field and it says it right there that this will be visible to the public. I agree that this may not be the most intuitive design and they should make that change more obvious. I will work with them to change this behavior on this feedback site. Thanks for your feedback,


what kind of moron posts their email password on a public forum?


This is a great idea. Options I'd suggest if possible to implement:
1) Send text or email notice.
2) Set time parameters or time window with approximate arrival time / cutoff time.
3) Perhaps link to google maps, with the desired route selected so as to estimate due to choice chosen? So if I choose streets only versus highway. I don't know if that sounds obvious, so just glean what you can from that.
4) Possibly give a suggested time to leave using past route times, so if I take the same route to work or home, then collect data to show the lowest and highest amount of time it has taken over a period of time. If anything, maybe connect to the sensors or work with google maps perhaps to collect that data once there is a phone app?

What I'm getting at with this if possible, is that in some areas, I might try a different street every day, then once I've exhausted those different streets or possible routes, I do them over again, say each street consecutively for a week and after a couple months I kind of get a feel for which streets or which route is best. But I have no way of tracking or confirming that the route I choose to stick to is indeed the best one out of all the ones I've tried. This considers main streets versus small streets, speed limits, amount of lanes (whether a street goes from 4 lanes to one) and schools or other high traffic areas like malls, shopping centers or other venues (even events at times). I think Waze kind of does this in some way or another.

5) Save popular or regularly driven routes? Might work with the previous idea.


This is an awesome idea!

If I could, some suggestions.

  • Allow users to create a profile and set their normal arrival schedule or desired time to leave. Have the app update or notify if there is an issue and the user needs to leave earlier, or not bother leaving until a certain time.
  • Use location based tech for registered users to display traffic data in a given area.
  • Suggest other routes, similar to Waze, if time constraints are unmovable and the situation would require.



I would like to have an option to start monitoring traffic after a certain hour and get an alert when traffic is starting to get bad.

This is my scenario: when I am at work i can leave around 5. But i would like to get an alert only if after 4pm my commute back home hits 35 mins or more. Because if it does i will grab my stuff and hit the road. I know the later it gets in the evening traffic always gets worse. And i can leave work earlier if I have to, to avoid traffic.

Other days it will be ok to leave at my regular time of 5pm or maybe later if i dont get an alert (which would mean the traffic is not that bad).

So the inputs would be, for example:

- the begin and end locations (from work to home)

- the time of the day I want to monitor, (between 4pm and 6pm)

- the number of minutes i want to monitor for the route (35 minutes)

- and very important: if i want to monitor when the time is lower or bigger than the entered number. (in my case when it gets over 35 mins)

Some people would like to have an alert when traffic goes below the number of minutes before leaving, like when you are stuck at work and don't want to leave until traffic dissipates.

Thanks and good luck

Agree with all those inputs.

I might also want to prevent alerts on certain days, e.g., weekends.



As someone that just found this site, I'm wondering if this is still being worked on.

I want an iPhone app AND Android 🤨I didn’t get to put iPhone .... so add one to both please 

Been wanting such a service for a few years now - Great job making it happen because some of us have flexible work schedules and if we can better time when to leave home or the office and spend less time in traffic - I love to use such a tool!!! Regards and all the best!!  Since I jumped ship recently ANDROID FIRST PLEASE..


hi love your idea  super i want the app