Your comments

This is a great idea. Options I'd suggest if possible to implement:
1) Send text or email notice.
2) Set time parameters or time window with approximate arrival time / cutoff time.
3) Perhaps link to google maps, with the desired route selected so as to estimate due to choice chosen? So if I choose streets only versus highway. I don't know if that sounds obvious, so just glean what you can from that.
4) Possibly give a suggested time to leave using past route times, so if I take the same route to work or home, then collect data to show the lowest and highest amount of time it has taken over a period of time. If anything, maybe connect to the sensors or work with google maps perhaps to collect that data once there is a phone app?

What I'm getting at with this if possible, is that in some areas, I might try a different street every day, then once I've exhausted those different streets or possible routes, I do them over again, say each street consecutively for a week and after a couple months I kind of get a feel for which streets or which route is best. But I have no way of tracking or confirming that the route I choose to stick to is indeed the best one out of all the ones I've tried. This considers main streets versus small streets, speed limits, amount of lanes (whether a street goes from 4 lanes to one) and schools or other high traffic areas like malls, shopping centers or other venues (even events at times). I think Waze kind of does this in some way or another.

5) Save popular or regularly driven routes? Might work with the previous idea.