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I would like to have an option to start monitoring traffic after a certain hour and get an alert when traffic is starting to get bad.

This is my scenario: when I am at work i can leave around 5. But i would like to get an alert only if after 4pm my commute back home hits 35 mins or more. Because if it does i will grab my stuff and hit the road. I know the later it gets in the evening traffic always gets worse. And i can leave work earlier if I have to, to avoid traffic.

Other days it will be ok to leave at my regular time of 5pm or maybe later if i dont get an alert (which would mean the traffic is not that bad).

So the inputs would be, for example:

- the begin and end locations (from work to home)

- the time of the day I want to monitor, (between 4pm and 6pm)

- the number of minutes i want to monitor for the route (35 minutes)

- and very important: if i want to monitor when the time is lower or bigger than the entered number. (in my case when it gets over 35 mins)

Some people would like to have an alert when traffic goes below the number of minutes before leaving, like when you are stuck at work and don't want to leave until traffic dissipates.

Thanks and good luck