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A few other users have requested this too. It is coming soon! Thanks for being an early adopter :)

Firstly, sorry about that! This is a third party feedback tool that we are using and we have alerted the company UserEcho about this.

The workflow is such that, if you enter a email that they support then the second field is a password field, but if you enter a non supported email address then the password field becomes the Name field and it says it right there that this will be visible to the public. I agree that this may not be the most intuitive design and they should make that change more obvious. I will work with them to change this behavior on this feedback site. Thanks for your feedback,

Sorry about that :) I will go ahead and add an option to the poll and let people decide.

Yes, that is something that we have planned for. As we work through our backlog, we will get to it and implement this feature. Thanks for the feedback :)

We hear you :) we are actively working on this and will try to have an app out as soon as we can. Just out of curiosity, what device do you use, Android or iOS?

Thanks for the feedback Nickgeys, will update the site to reflect that there will be a in-browser alert sent when the desired time is hit. In future there will be an option to select the type of alert: Browser alert, SMS, Email.

That's a really good suggestion Darryl. Adding that to our backlog right now. Will implemented that soon.

Good point! do you think a text that says, "last checked 4.55 pm." (that keeps on getting updated on every check) would help alleviate that?

Thanks for checking out When2Leave. Glad it helped you :)

Email integration is definitely something that we plan to implement and make available soon.